Art News

Beautiful and exciting things are happening in Reno’s art scene. Here is a sampling of what’s happening in the Biggest Little City:


Reno Wants to Be Silicon Valley’s Back Office

“It’s cool to be here right now,” said James Elste, who founded Inqiri, a crowdsourcing platform for businesses, in 2012. “It’s got that ‘things are happening’ feel to it. – Bloomberg Business – April 10th, 2015.


Next City Announces the 2015 Vanguard

Another example of the growth that is happening in Reno. The conference is a gathering of the top urban innovators, 40 and younger, working to make change in cities. Designed to bring together professionals working across disciplines and sectors, each Vanguard class includes policymakers and politicians, architects and urban planners, artists and media makers, all selected through a competitive application process.” Next City is May 9th, 2015


The Next Generation

“Generator Phase 2, would allow The Generator to lease a parcel of land from the city for $1 a year for five years, and then to buy the land for $860,000. In exchange, The Generator would develop a sculpture park, a community garden, and a 50,000-foot artists’ workspace on the parcel” – News and Review – February 19th, 2015


‘Jungle’ Jim puts Burner art on Fourth Street

“Under Gibson’s ownership, the Morris has become the Morris Burner Hotel, a haven for the arts, and another clue… that the annual Burning Man festival has spread from its home in the Black Rock Desert into the fabric of Reno” – RGJ – January 30th, 2015


Reno Artworks hosts surrealist art exhibit

Always something interesting going on at Reno Art Works. Globe trotting artist Holly English exhibits at RAW with more than 50 pieces – RGJ – January 30th, 2015


When Burning Man is your beat – The Reno Gazette-Journal hires its first reporter to cover the experimental community year-round

“The new beat is both a product of the restructuring of newsrooms at Gannett-owned papers and a reflection of how the annual event two hours outside Reno has reshaped the cultural landscape of the surrounding area.” I believe Jenny Kane is going to be one busy reporter, as the RGJ’s first year round Burning Man reporter. – Columbia Journalism Review – January 30th, 2015


Morris Burner Hotel to auction art for Reno charity

Turning the mundane into art for a good cause. “The soiree will feature the work of more than 30 artists who have used about 40 of the swan prints as their canvases.” – RGJ – January 29th, 2015


A Healthy Dose – The Lasting Dose Gallery

Long time Midtown business owner, Mike Curatello, is adding an art gallery to the neighbourhood. Nightmare Studios tattoo shop is next door and connected to the gallery, and has been in midtown for eight years. It is being rebranded and remodeled and soon be renamed Lasting Dose Tattoo in association with the gallery. – Reno News Review – January 8, 2015


10 to Watch in 2015: Crimson Rose and Reno’s ties to Burning Man

“The community of Reno really embraced the Burning Man culture and made it their own, which is actually really exciting. I think it is going to take a lot of conversations with people, with artists, with the community, with city officials and really understanding what the next level is.” said Crimson Rose, Burning Man Project – RJG – December 31, 2014


American Schools Are Training Kids for a World That Doesn’t Exist

There is a great value in artistically creating new learning spaces. “Educators, artists, designers, museum curators, scientists, engineers, entertainment designers and others are creatively responding to this new reality, and, together, they are redefining what it means to learn in America” – Wired Magazine – October 17th, 2014


How much money does Burning Man pump into local economy?

That thing in the desert has a big impact on the Reno economy. “… it spends more than $5 million annually in Nevada on production and planning, law enforcement, emergency services, construction materials, toilets, labor and supplies, and on business trips throughout the year.” And that number is expected to grow. – RGJ – August 28th, 2014


The booming business behind Burning Man

“Just how important is Burning Man to Reno?.. Jim Graham, a spokesman for the festival, said participants pour $35 million a year into the northern Nevada economy”. And Burning Man artists support the Reno and northern Nevada economy year round. – CNBC – August 22nd, 2014


Reno Airport Gets Boost From Burning Man Visitors

Trains, planes, and automobiles… “Burning Man generates an estimated $10 million for the airport, through various fees and sales. It brings extra business and people that the airport staff is glad to have.” Imagine if we had international artists coming to Reno year round? – KTVN – August 22nd, 2014


Burning Man ‘Big Art for Small Towns’ opens in Fernley

Spreading the love of art throughout Northern Nevada. “The tortoise fosters community… The tiles were a way to include participation from the majority of the residents and their children.” – RJG – August 6, 2014


Burning Man sculpture creates world culture in Reno

Bringing Burning Man’s big art to cities… “the Biggest Little City could host the most exciting sculptures in the world. It will affect our architecture and our culture.” – RJG – July 19, 2014


Burning Man festival ignites Reno’s art scene

“Burning Man has inspired Reno to continue to spread its creativity because the city follows the same Burning Man philosophy when it comes to making art.”… and now Jerry’s Ichthyosaur puppet lives in the lobby of the Reno Children’s Museum – USA Today – August 19th, 2013


Morris Burner Hotel

artists are experts at taking things that are discarded by society and recreating them into something appealing. It’s been done in midtown, downtown and in towns nationwide. But to do it, artists need a little help from people like Gibson. – Reno News and Review – July 25, 2013


The Next Generation

The Generator is a place for big art and big ideas where “Artists are encouraged to open themselves up to collaboration and opportunity” – Reno News and Review – May 2nd, 2013