Carrie is an original member of the International Arts Mega Crew and has been volunteering with art and community projects for more than 6 years. During that time, she has worked with a number of artists and art supporters. Her personal network is made up of people from a diverse array of social, cultural, geographical, professional, and economic backgrounds. This diverse network supports the arts in various ways; some build it, some finance it, and some lend their personal and professional skills to projects. Many more want to help, but often are not sure how. The goal of AeolusARTS is to act as agent bringing these people and organizations together so that we can engage, network, and collaborate within in the arts community and beyond.

AeolusARTS LLC is not looking to compete with other arts organizations, but rather create partnerships which ultimately increase the paid opportunities for artists as well as make more large scale art accessible to the public and enrich our urban environments.


Our partnerships include:


Reno Art Works – “an organization devoted to providing professional work space, gallery, and classroom space to artists of all mediums and styles. Reno Art Works is a non-competitive organization dedicated to furthering the constant movement of art.“. The principles of Reno Art Works are working artists and professionals who are involved in a number of large scale events, community projects and city initiatives.


The Generator – “an inclusive art space in greater Reno, Nevada, for anyone who wants to make art and be part of a creative community.” A 34,000 sq/ft warehouse dedicated to both the fine and industrial arts, learning and building skills, and community involvement. The Generator is in the process of a phase II plan with the city of Reno which will involve the acquisition of  land in the city that will include an art park, artist live-work spaces and a new warehouse space.


The Morris Burner Hotel – “A housing facility and community space, dedicated to building community, fostering the arts… It is a place to share, create, participate, and build relationships. Above all, it is a place where we come together to manifest wonderment and make the future a better place.” The Morris serves as an integral hub for artists arriving in Reno, and as a community gathering space to support local and international artists.


Art Spot Reno – “a grass-roots campaign dedicated to promoting and providing a voice for the Reno arts community. Seeks to be the main portal for accessing information about what’s happening in Reno, Nevada’s dynamic arts scene.” Having an organization dedicated to sharing and promoting events and exhibits in the Reno area is essential to building the arts community.


Reno Tracks – this “is a joint project created in 2013 Hack 4 Reno hackathon for the Nevada Bicycle Coalition to develop a reliable and accurate method of collecting cycling data from Reno bicyclists, for Reno bicyclists.” Art isn’t just things we look at, it’s also about the choices we make and how we live our lives. Reno Tracks seeks to build data and work with the city to find creative ways and alternatives to transportation as Reno grows. Bicycle focused, community events are great opportunities for people to get out, exercise and build community.


M0xy – “a 40,000 sq foot of Industrial Artist Incubation, Fabrication & Gallery Space” in Oakland, CA. This space was opened in the fall of 2014 and is working towards full capacity. The Bay Area has a number of community art spaces. Collaboration and communication between organizations in various geographical locations is essential to fostering community, building personal skills, and making more art.


Big Art Labs55,000 sq/ft of raw warehouse space on a 163,000 sq/ft self contained plot in Los Angeles, the vision is to provide production space to large scale artist groups as well as to individual artists in a variety of disciplines.” By pooling our resources within the large scale art community we are able to find creative and cost saving ways to support more art and artist across a greater geographical area.


ClaireLabs – musician, composer, and sound scientist, Claire’s work is a fusion of kinetic sculpture, sonic artifacts, music, and the environment. Her installations are meaningful aesthetic interactive experiences with a mysterious, playful sonic allure.  Her artistic practice involves processes of recording, sampling sounds from nature, instruments and objects, composing, conceptualizing, building kinetic sculptures and working with multichannel sound.


Kindle Arts Society – “exists to make the creation of art more accessible to our members and the greater community. Kindle Arts puts on events in part to showcase that art, and to raise funds for the creation of art.”


Hot One Inch Action A Vancouver original, started in 2004, this is a 1-night only show of art & social interaction. The works of 50 artists is reproduced on 1″ inch buttons. You can buy mixed bags of 5 buttons – you can then trade with other people. Since 2010, Hot One Inch Action also has shown in Seattle, Portland, Calgary, Oakland, Reno and New York City, and received artist submissions from Canada, USA, France, UK, Hong Kong and Turkey.


Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society (GVIAS) – “A not-for-profit society created to promote community-based interactive arts in Greater Vancouver and British Columbia.  [They] provide resources and advocacy for events, art, and projects that bring the community together. [And] encourage interactive and participatory experiences.”


… as well as many more event producers, festival organizers, and individual artists.