AeolusARTS LLC is a public relations, administration, and network hub for artists and art supporters. Taking on many of the necessary administration and coordination duties required to support the artists and bring large scale art to the public sphere.

Most artists are not business managers, administrators, or networkers. We seek to support artists by providing these skills that will enable them to gain more exposure and a larger clientele base. Our goal is to create spaces, opportunities and connections for installation artists to lease/sell their work, either after the piece is complete or on a commission basis.  We also connect artists for collaboration projects which will allow them to create bigger large scale art.


Why Reno

Over the past +4 years Reno has been building a reputation as a World Art Destination; a place for artists to build, learn, teach and develop their art. The combination of Reno’s growing number of art spaces and art events as well as the city’s affordable living has made it a hotbed for artists.

The city of Reno has embraced the new arts culture with many arts initiatives, events, and spaces for creating and building community. It’s proximity to Black Rock City, where the annual Burning Man festival is held each year, has, without a doubt, had a massive influence on the number of big art installation pieces and the big art artist living and visiting Reno throughout the year.

AeolusARTS LLC headquarters are located in Reno, Nevada. We are here to create and establish a presence in the Reno Art Community, fostering new and existing relationships with artists, local art spaces, and event promoters, which support both the local Reno artists as well as international artists looking to come to Reno to engage in the vibrant community.


Global Reach

Our vision is to build Reno’s reputation as a world art destination; a place where international artists can come, learn, and participate in this growing and vibrant community. Artown is a month long arts festival that attracts international artists of all disciplines. And it is estimated that the Burning Man event brings $40 million a year into the northern Nevada economy, with many of the participants traveling from abroad months in advance of the event to build, create, and participate. AeolusARTS serves as a hub for this active global network by creating more reasons year round to bring artists and art supporters to Reno at the same time building opportunities for Reno arts on the international stage.