Leveraging our worldwide network to bring international art and artists to Reno and Reno artists to the World.

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AeolusARTS LLC is an organization offering public relations and administration services for artists. We also specialize in connecting international and local artists with cities, foundations, organizations, and private enterprises looking to lease and/or purchase large scale installation art pieces for public and civic spaces and events. We leverage our worldwide network to bring international art and artists to Reno as well as promote and assist Reno artists in breaking into new markets nationally and internationally.


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Recent Blog Posts

April 14, 2015 |

Reno’s First Sculpture Festival

May 8th to 10th, 2015 ~ This year a collective of Reno Artists lead by Aric Shapiro created and hosted Reno’s first Sculpture Festival. A 3-day event in downtown Reno filled with big art… interactive spaces, and live music. It is so exciting to see the how Reno has embraced and supported the arts. In 2007 Burning Man partnered with the city of Reno to bring Burning Man are to the city. It started with the Mangrove Project which consisted of 11 trees made out of recycled materials and stayed up for 3 months. The following year they did it again with the Celtic Forest, only it was bigger and more interactive and had...

April 14, 2015 |

Building Community Through Burning Man Art

Since 2007 Burning Man has partnered with the city of Reno to place art from the event throughout the city. There are currently 12 public art pieces in the city of Reno. These projects have brought the community together to create a new face to the Biggest Little City. Maria Partridge speaks about the connection between art and community. “One community at a time, we CAN change the world”. Check out Maria Partridge’s TEDx – Reno 2014 presentation....

March 9, 2015 |

Bringing sound art to Burning Man

In the fall of 2014, Claire Kenway of ClaireLabs contacted me to discuss the possibility of bringing her sound art piece, Windcatcher, to Burning Man. The piece consists of a wind turbine, an aeolian harp and a large set of wind chimes to create music played by the wind. I was excited to find out that Windcather was already built and being stored on Vancouver Island. After some discussion we agreed that despite it already having been displayed in Montreal, Canada for a year as well as at the BassCoast Festival in BC, there would still need to be some modifications made to the piece in order to make it ‘playa worthy’. Plans, budgets...

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